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Asphalt Surfer Review by Scott Oakes of No-Toil Industries

March 4, 2014

For the last 2 years, I have been invited on an adventure ride with some friends in the motorcycle industry. In the second week of January, we meet in Mesquite, Nevada and prepare our dual-sport motorcycles for an adventure ride down to Phoenix, AZ and back. The plan is to leave Mesquite and make our way, over three days, to Phoenix utilizing as many dirt roads and trails as possible. With plans to camp along the way, we pack everything from food to tents to repair tools and spare parts. In Phoenix we stay in a well-deserved hotel and enjoy flush toilets, showers and beds! For entertainment, we head off to the Phoenix Supercross to enjoy the best in dirt bike racing. The following day, we pack up our motorcycles and head back across the Northern Arizona desert to Mesquite. It’s a fantastic trip that tests our stamina, riding skills and maintenance savvy. Sites along the way include: Lake Mead, Lake Las Vegas, Oatman, AZ, Northern Arizona desert, Boulder Dam and more.

The first year that I rode on this ride I thought that, even though it was January, the Arizona climate would be reasonable and relatively warm. So, I chose not to use heating gear. Boy, did I pay for that decision in the worst way. On our ride we experience a record cold snap that engulfed most of the southwestern region of the U.S. Temperatures during the day were in the 30’s and 40’s and they dropped at night to the low 20’s. One morning we awoke to 19 degree weather and I discovered a flat tire on my bike. During the repair, I attempted to “lube” the tire with water and turned away to grab tire irons. When I looked back, the water had frozen on the tire! Needless to say, the ride, although very fun, was remembered more for the biting cold than the ride experience.

This last January, our annual ride to Phoenix was fast approaching and I vowed never to ride cold again. Six months previous, I was working at a “Dealer Show” sponsored by Parts Canada at their warehouse in London, ON, Canada. The booth next to ours was an apparel company called MPLUSM Marketing Inc. and they were showcasing their line of ASPHALT SURFER Branded LITHIUM ION BATTERY HEATED OUTERWEAR. With only a very quick introduction to the heated apparel, I knew that the battery heated ASPHALT SURFER MOTO JACKET would work perfectly for what I needed on the ride. I hate fumbling around with all the cords of a “wired in” heating system and would much prefer a battery powered system. But, the question that I had were: (1) would the jacket generate enough heat to keep me warm in the cold desert nights, and (2) would the battery last long enough during the day.

I called Manfred Lee, the Sales Manager for Asphalt Surfer and spoke to him about my upcoming adventure ride through the Arizona desert and my need for reliable protection against the cold. Manny suggested that I use the MOTO JACKET which is a long-sleeve heated under-coat powered by a 12V 4400mAh Lithium Battery. With heating elements throughout the entire jacket (Neck, Chest, Back and Arms), he assured me that I would be well protected. And by acquiring a second battery, I would be powered throughout the day when I needed it most. The Moto Jacket has three temperature settings that are activated by an “on-off” push button over the left chest. Low (Green light) maintains a 104 degree temperature for 2.5+ hours. Medium (Orange) maintains a temperature setting of 113 degrees for 2 hours. And, High (Red), the warmest setting for 1.5 hours. Recharging would be easy with the inverter installed on my KLR650. I also picked up a pair of battery powered heated gloves that fit inside of my riding gloves. The gloves also are equipped with a push button on-off button with 3 temperature settings: Low (Green) 104◦ for 4 hours, Medium (Orange) 122◦ for 2.5 hours and High (Red) 158◦ for 2 hours.

I was super excited when I received the heated jacket and gloves. I charged the batteries up and installed them by simply connecting them to the mating plug conveniently hidden in a “battery pocket”. Warmth was almost immediate and I could quickly see that the Asphalt Surfer system was going to be one of the most important items for my ride. I tried all the temperature settings and could tell that using the Moto Jacket under my riding coat was going to be all that I needed.

Now all that was left to do was to RIDE! The first morning was very cold and in the 30’s. When I was ready to hit the road, I activated the heat on the Moto Jacket and Gloves, put on my riding coat and road gloves and hit the road. By the time we made our first stop, I had to decrease the temperature settings on both the coat and the gloves. They worked great and kept me toasty warm.

Throughout the course of the entire ride, I found that I used the heated jacket and gloves during the early morning and late night hours. With the daytime highs as they were, the Moto Jacket, alone, acted as a great insulator and I was able to conserve battery power for when I needed it most. At one point in time, on a particularly cold night, I powered the jacket to “high” and while riding didn’t feel like I was as warm as I should be and I thought that maybe the jacket wasn’t working. But, after about 45 minutes of riding the battery ran out of juice (I had used that particular battery for over 2 hours) and it was like someone put me in the refrigerated section! The coat was working and keeping me warm. It was just so cold and I didn’t realize it until the battery power went out. At the next stop, I installed the backup battery and I was warm and toasty until we reached our campground for the night.

Overall, I was super stoked to have the ASPHALT SURFER MOTO JACKET AND GLOVES on my adventure ride across the desert in January. The jacket worked like I wanted it and kept me warm through the times that I needed it most. It was an easy and convenient system to work with without having to connect a wiring system to my battery. When I got off the bike, I didn’t have to “unplug” and when I got on the bike, I didn’t have to “plug in”. Warmth & convenience… it’s a homerun and a no-brainer. For more information visit:


Two WARM thumbs up!

Scott Oakes
Director of Sales and Marketing
No-Toil Industries