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DP Brakes: NewsBrake Notes - from Larry Mills.

July 31, 2014

August 2014 E Newsletter
NewsBrake Notes - from Larry Mills.
August is made for riding!
August is special. It really is. It is made for enjoying the open road and long perfect-weather rides! All the Summer chores are handled and it is time to enjoy. Vacations are over with and highway traffic is returning to normal. The youth baseball and soccer schedules have finished. School and Autumn pursuits like football are still a couple weeks off. It is the time of year to kick back and enjoy the freedom of the highway. August is made for riding.
Take a hard, long look at DP Brakes brakes and clutches and enjoy your ride more. We’re proud to stand as an example of a top level quality performance upgrade. DP Brakes means a better riding experience. Check us out at www.dp-brakes.com.
DP Brakes has over 2,000 pads designed for any bike out there. Go to www.dp-brakes.com for more information and fitments.
DP Brakes offers premium sintered O.E replacements for street, touring and off-road/ATV use. Regardless of the bike, or style of riding, we will stop you with top quality performance. The benefits are immediate and long lasting.
Our clutch kits deliver long lasting value too…friction plates, steel plates and springs…complete in an attractive, durable case. There’s no need to pre-soak the plates either!
DP Brakes and clutch kits are quality designed, manufactured, and targeted to satisfy a new breed of motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile buyer, upgrade, or replacement parts shopper.
Take a look at our website www.dp-brakes.com, and check out what I'm talking about...fitments, coverage, quality and more. Feel free to contact me as well at dpbrakestm@aol.com.”
-Larry Mills, President DP Brakes N.A.
DP and Harley are a match made in motorcycle heaven!
The DP Brakes' Harley-Davidson's pads are increasingly the brake pad choice for repair, replacement and upgrade.
DP's Harley-Davidson's brake pads are compounded specifically for Harley-Davidsons. And, with direct drop-in replacements offered for virtually every Harley on the road, including Brembo-specific pads for the newer Harleys, and with direct-fit pads for all the popular aftermarket calipers, those PMs and HHIs, the Jaybrakes, Pro Ones, and all the rest, make switching to DP is an easy step up.
Not only is the braking performance significantly enhanced, DP pads can last up to three times longer than OE. They agree fade-free (the DPs have ceramic heat shielding bonded to the back of the pads). They are quiet so there is no squealing. They are dust-free to keep the wheels clean. In addition, DP brake pad are easy on the rotor.
DP's Harley-Davidson's brake pads are now standard equipment in a growing number of aftermarket calipers.
Those DP brake pads that the aftermarket caliper manufacturers and OE companies are asking for are not something specially produced just for them. They are the very same DP brake pads always in-stock at Drag Specialties ... brake pads already being recommended and sold by savvy dealers everywhere.
As the only after market manufacturer focusing exclusively on sintered metal brake pads, DP Brakes is unique in the industry. And, so are the DP brake pads for Harley-Davidsons. They grip tight, stop fast. They are fade free. They are quiet, and they are clean. And, Drag Specialties has them, competitively priced with anything in the market. Your rep has more information, and so does the DP Brakes web site, www.dp-brakes.com. Check it out.
The biggest issues Harley riders have with their brake pads are noise, dust and wear. But, as Performance Machine, and now HHI, have discovered, those issues are non-issues with DP Brakes.
DP brakes delivers what Harley owners want.
For more information on the complete line-up of DP Brakes brake pads, shoes, rotors and clutch kits, contact DP Brakes North American Headquarters/Tony Mills International Inc. at 4401 Walden Avenue, Lancaster, NY 14086, (716) 681-8806, e-mail dpbrakestm@aol.com, or visit DP Brakes on the web at www.dp-brakes.com.
Recent DP Brakes news you may have missed.
1. DP Brakes signs 2013 Canadian Champion, Jordan Szoke for 2014
DP Brakes has signed Canadian National Superbike, Observed Trials, Pro Expert Mountain Bike Champion #1, Jordan Szoke for the 2014 season. DP will be sponsoring Jordan in all three categories.
DP carries a lineup of brake pads that translate into other aspects of our program outside of Road Racing such as MT Biking and Off Road.
Szoke will be racing with DP Brake's new High Performance RDP X-Race Titanium brake pads.
2. DP Brakes will be sponsoring the Maxxis Tires Gravity East Downhill Mountain Bike Race Series for 2014.
The Maxxis Tires Gravity East Series consists of five races at five different venues for 2014. All series information can be found at www.gravityeastseries.com.

The GES is one of the longest running downhill race series on the East Coast. Also, it has been a launch point for current World Cup athletes Neko Mulally (Trek World Racing) and Richie Rude (Yeti Cycles) 2013 Junior World Downhill Champion.
3. DP Brakes will be the official Mountain Bike Brake sponsor of the 2014 Eastern States Cup.
DP Brakes will be the official Mountain Bike Brake sponsor for the 2014 Eastern States Cup.
The Eastern States Cup offers professional and amateur racing with Downhill, Super D and Enduro mountain bike racing at the best bike parks in the east. The series offers four USA Cycling Regional Championships and the Eastern Coastal DH Championship.
4. DP Brakes are the choice for top dirt bike and ATV racing teams.
For example, Mitch Payton’s Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki Team is using DP. For the 14th consecutive season. In GNCC it is the Am Pro Yamaha riders, and Team KTM and Team KR4. In WORCS/Endurocross it is FMF/RPM KTM and Team Stillwell’s American Beta, in National Hare Scrambles it is Gas/Sherco and Rich Lafferty Racing. On and on it goes.
None of this is surprising. Those SDP PRO-MX off-road brake pads deliver the kind of performance racers demand. The specially formulated sintered material (DP introduced sintered brake pads to the motorcycle market), grips tight for safe, sure stopping, in most applications there’s a ceramic heat block on the backing plate for fade free operation, the pads are easy on the rotors and they work virtually noise and dust free. And just as importantly, they last.
5. DP Brakes now offering replacement upgraded brake pads for Can-Am Spyder’s.
DP Brakes is now offering brake pad upgrade replacements for Can-Am Spyder’s. All DP Brake Pads will provide significant improvement in performance and durability over your stock pads”.
Riders will experience fade free performance under all conditions, plus, all DP Brake pads are quiet, dust free and are non-abusive to the rotors.
6. DP Brakes for HDs are a perfect match.
DP covers the entire HD field.There are direct-fit drop in DP pads for all the popular after market calipers, too, and DP Brake Pads are even OE with Performance Machine.
The big issues Harley riders have with their brake pads are noise, dust and wear. With DP all that is taken care of and, almost as a bonus, they will be getting a brake pad that is not only street proven, but race proven, brake pads with more than three decades worth of experience behind them.
For more information and details check out http://dp-brakes.com/products.php .
7. DP clutch kits offer the ease of having everything…friction plates, steel plates and springs…complete in an attractive, durable case.
The friction plates, more durable than anything OE, are ready to go with no need to pre-soak.
A DP clutch kit will provide extended service life coupled with super smooth, fade free performance. Each kit includes the DP specially- compounded friction plates, heavy-duty steel drive plates and upgrade springs. DP steels, unlike ordinary aluminum plates, will not expand, fade or produce clutch swell and the increased weight even adds a bit of flywheel effect improving those starts. Factor in the chrome silicone wire spring sets DP includes, heat treated and shot peened for maximum life, and you are looking at a complete clutch kit that’s tough to beat.
DP Brakes pads and clutch kits are designed, manufactured, and built with quality and long lasting value. Take a look at our website, www.dp-brakes.com, for fitments, coverage, and more.
8. DP Brakes offers three brake pad compounds, with improved stopping power and quiet, fade free performance, for the bicycle market.
- XC Pro Sintered for cross country and trail riding
- DH Pro Sintered for downhill
- XC Eco Organic for cross country and trail riding
9. DP Brakes is also selling a range of one and two-piece standard and oversized bicycle rotors made from 410 stainless steel.
They are available in 160, 180 and 203 millimeters.
DP Brakes are available through regional East Coast distributor, Eastern Panhandle Bicycle Company (304) 263-3760 and its website, or direct through DP Brakes on the web at www.dp-brakes.com, or by calling (716) 681-8806.
And, we now have new distributors bas well as Eastern Panhandle. They are:

Action Bicycles out of New Jersey for East Coast www.actionbicycle.com
Lorenz and Jones out of So. Cal for West Coast www.LorenzandJones.com
August 2014 reader question.
We started this feature in April, 2009 to give everyone a chance to express their opinion on all things “brakes”. Thank you to all that responded.
Each month we’ll ask a simple question and give you a chance to tell us what you think with a simple click of the mouse. Here’s the question for August 2014.
Have you changed your brake pads in the last 12 months?
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