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Flat Track Canada Race Results Round 2 & 3

August 19, 2014

Round 3- Burford Fairgrounds.

If there were ever any doubts as to how bad Don Taylor wants to defend his number one plate, those doubts were erased at the Burford half mile. Taylor took the checkers once again in the Open Expert class to make it three wins in three races this season. Despite winning the race by a wide margin however, there were a few exciting moments for Taylor. At one point after hitting a rut coming out of turn two, Taylor shot up the track and ended up about five feet off the track in the grass. Despite a healthy lead at that point, Taylor kept the bike pinned and re-entered the track while hardly missing a beat. While Taylor took the win with ease, the real battle on the track was taking place behind him. Tyler Seguin held second for most of the race but in the final few laps fast Quebec rider Fred Duchesneau put on a furious charge. When they crossed the finish line, Duchesneau's great ride had earned him second place over Seguin. Seguin redeemed himself in the Production Frame class however as he took the win over rookie Expert Parker Norris who made the trip from Michigan.

Kyle Van Conant made the trek from Michigan as well and was unbeaten all in Intermediate action. With Van Conant alone up front, Braden Vallee and Shane Corbeil were left to fight for the second step on the podium as they seem to run together every time they are on a half mile. Former motocross ace Kyle Sheppard rode great all day and took his first half mile wins of his career in both Production Frame and Open Novice. Jerrett Bellamy had a great ride in second as it was his first half mile event he had ever raced.

Trent Pickle paced the field in the 250 class while Rick Gunby outraced Steve Ball in the Vet category. Hometown boy Spencer Whittam had family and friends cheering as he was able to grab the checkers in the ATV Youth class.
Trent Pickle
Branden Keys
Burford Half Mile Top Three Each Class
Open Expert: Don Taylor, Fred Duchesneau, Tyler Seguin
Production Frame Expert: Tyler Seguin, Parker Norris, Fred Duchesneau
Open Intermediate: Kyle Van Conant, Braden Vallee, Shane Corbeil
Production Frame Intermediate: Kyle Van Conant, Braden Vallee, Shane Corbeil
Open Novice: Kyle Sheppard, Jerrett Bellamy, Steven Murdock
Production Frame Novice: Kyle Sheppard, Jerrett Bellamy, Steven Murdock
Open ATV: Steve Lagro, Jason Stys, Les Stys
ATV Youth: Spencer Whittam, Maxwell Johannsen
VET: Rick Gunby, Steve Ball, Rob Churchill
250 Novice: Trent Pickle, Logan Wilson, Jeff Awde
85cc: Hunter Bauer, Jimmy McCollough, Boyd Deadman
65cc: Hunter Bauer, Jimmy McCollough, Boyd Deadman
50 Shaft: Maguire Scott, Olivia Farkas, Brayden Hutchison
50 Chain: Branden Keys, Mitchell Tinney, Maguire Scott
Hunter Bauer
Photographs by David Dudley

Round 2- Paris Speedway Short Track.

Action at the short track in Paris on May 18th saw the Brown family enjoy another great night at the track. In the second event of a double-header weekend, the Browns showed they know their way around the short track as well as the half mile they had raced on a day earlier. Dustin Brown grabbed the checkers in both 250 Novice as well as 85cc while older brother Tyler made it four wins in four races as he crossed the line first in both the Novice and Production Frame Novice classes.

Expert action once again had Don Taylor showing the quick way around the track in the Open class. Now two for two on the season, Taylor has marked his territory at the top of the point standings. Expert Production Frame action saw Paris short track ace Doug Beattie take the victory over New Yorker Ryan Wells who was bouncing his motor off the rev limiter in first gear for the entire length of the track.

In the Intermediate classes, an unfortunate incident earlier in the night to Brodie Buchan allowed Shane Corbeil to grab his first two victories of the season. In the Production Frame class Corbeil benefitted from a couple of riders going down in turn one. When the green light flashed on the restart, Corbeil grabbed the early lead and never looked back. Open action all came down to the holeshot as passing was limited due to track conditions. Once again Corbeil was the master of getting to turn one first and propelled his great start to an easy victory.
Youth action saw some great battles in every class but one race stood out easily as the night's best. Early heat race action saw a great battle between Hunter Bauer and Jimmy McCullough that saw them cross the finish line side by side. Opinion seemed to be split in the pits as to who had actually won the race until it was announced that Bauer had grabbed the victory by less than an inch.

Flat Track Canada Round 2, Top 3 in Each Class
50 Shaft: Adrian St. Amand, Maguire Scott, Myles Ward
50 Chain: Branden Keys, Adrian St. Amand, Mitchell Tinney
65cc: Hunter Bauer, Jimmy McCullough, Boyd Deadman
85cc: Dustin Brown, Boyd Deadman, Hunter Bauer
ATV Youth: Max Johannsen, Spencer Whittam, Ethan Callsen
Open ATV: Steve Lagro, Jason Stys, Vincent Vilaranda
250 Novice: Dustin Brown, Josh Fenton, Jeff Awde
Vet: Dale Kennedy, Brad Kitto, Scott McVicker
Open Novice: Tyler Brown, Dan Whelan, Jesse Isherwood
Production Frame Novice: Tyler Brown, Kyle Sheppard, Dan Whelan
Open Intermediate: Shane Corbeil, Braden Vallee, Justin Crumb
Production Frame Intermediate: Shane Corbeil, Justin Crumb, Braden Vallee
Open Expert: Don Taylor, Doug Beattie, Ryan Wells
Production Frame Expert: Doug Beattie, Ryan Wells, Doug Lawrence