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DP Brakes: NewsBrake Notes: November 2014 Newsletter

November 5, 2014

November 2014 Newsletter

November is the time of the year to get ready for....Spring!

November is the perfect time of the year to get your ride ready for Spring by upgrading your brake pads and clutch.

At DP Brakes our top-shelf brake and clutch products are designed and manufactured to meet, and exceed, the exacting expectations of today's performance savvy riders.

As the only aftermarket manufacturer focusing exclusively on developing and producing sintered metal brake pads, DP Brakes is the leader in the industry.

Sintered-metallic brake pads have become the industry standard. Hondas, Kawasakis, Suzukis, Yamahas, they all have sintered-metallic brake pads in the calipers. It was not always this way. It took DP Brakes to introduce those hard-stopping, all-weather-friendly, long lasting sintered-metallic pads to the motorcycle world, a technology originated by Dunlop Aviation in 1955. And, to this day DP is the only aftermarket manufacturer concentrating 100-percent of its production on sintered metal pads.

DP Brakes is unique in the industry. An innnovator in the field, DP is constantly refining, and updating, those specialized compounds to further improve already great performers. They are adding new applications all the time, too, be it for sport, touring, cruising, racing or that increasingly-popular off-road and ATV market. The result of all this is the ideal brake-pad replacement for just about any machine in power sport, two-wheels or four, and dealers can get them all from Parts Unlimited.

DP’s sintered-metallic brake pads deliver the kind of exceptional performance and high mileage riders want. Those sintered-metallic compounds bite hard for sure, safe, stops and do it without any damage or wear to the rotor. And, that performance is there in all conditions, wet or dry, in mud, sand or most anything else. In addition, DP brake pads are quiet. There is no annoying squeal. All that is accomplished with industry-exclusive brake pad formulations, sintered-metallic compounds that include an Inter Granular Graphite Structure (IGGS) mixed throughout the pad. It is a difficult and expensive procedure. Only DP does it. And, unlike ordinary brake pads DP sintered metallics do not throw off any of that messy dust so wheels stay bright, shiny and sparkling brilliant.

Braking with DP pads is fade free, too. Credit that to another DP exclusive, a ceramic backing bonded to the back side of the brake pads. A technology coming from NASA and the space program, that plasma-applied ceramic backing keeps the brake fluid cool for fade-free operation while simultaneously allowing the business-end of the pads to remain hot. A perfect combination since sintered metallic pads perform best when warm. And all of this, the superior braking and fade-free performance, the quiet and clean operation, the exceptionally long service life, all of it comes at a price comparable with any other premium brake pad available.

Savvy riders and racers have known this for years. Go to any ATV/UTV event and chances are the guys on the podium will have gotten there with help from DP. It is no different in MX. Mitch Payton and his Pro Circuit/Kawasaki teams have campaigned with DP brakes since the ‘90s. And, in road racing plenty of hard chargers pack their rotors with DP, the most recent addition being Jordan Szoke, the top Canadian rider. It is that strong, consistent, fade-free stopping power they are after, and they get it with DP. Lots of police departments use DP brake pads, too, as do motorcycle rental fleets and riding schools, organizations looking for the longest life possible out of a brake pad that delivers strong, predictable performance. DP is even the official supplier of aftermarket-upgrade replacement brake pads for Can-Am. They are the official factory upgrade for those popular UTVs.

There is a DP brake-pad upgrade specific for any power sport application, street, track, trail, race or off-road. Whether it is the DP Standards, the SDP Pro-MX or theX-Race Titaniums DP has the right sintered-metal compound for racing, sport, touring, cruising, ATVs, even Harley-Davidsons. It is all covered. Recommending the appropriate DP pad is easy, too, starting with those DP Standards, the ideal OEM replacement. Perfect for every day street, off-road and ATV use, they will deliver excellent all-round braking hot or cold, wet or dry. And, with an industry-high HH+ friction rating they are real performers with one of the lowest wear rates on the market. They will last up to three times longer than most other brands available.

The highly acclaimed SDP Sport HH + compound is the favored choice for hypersport street riding and track days. This sintered copper alloy friction material has been specifically developed to combine that "HH+" friction rating with low lever effort, no noise, low rotor wear and reduced dust. All the SDP Sport HH+ pads come with that exclusive plasma-applied ceramic heat shield to help prevent brake fade even under the most extreme conditions.

SDP Pro-MX pads, developed with help from top factory race teams, are perfect when race performance is the prime requirement. Formulated specifically for MX, Supercross, Enduro, hare-scrambles and cross-country, the sintered copper alloy friction material here offers powerful all-round braking with quick bedding-in, high initial bite and low lever effort. All part numbers here come with DP's trademark ceramic heat shield, too.

No compromise race brakes? The answer is the RDP X-Race Titaniums. They are the brake pads to meet Superbike racing’s extreme demands, pads that will consistently lower lap times by letting riders brake later into the corner with a high degree of control. X-Race Titaniums are favorites on top-level national and international racing circuits.

There are DPs just for the Harleys, excellent all-round performers with those ceramic heat shields, no brake dust for clean wheels, no noise and the lowest pad wear on the market.

In addition, do not forget about all the DP Clutch Kits. This friction-material know how carries right over to a full lineup of DP Clutch Kits, solid-clamping clutches to complement those sintered-metallic brakes. The application lists here cover everything in power sport, too, the DPK Kits for Off-Road and ATV applications, the DPSK Street Clutch Kits, DPSK-F High Performance Kits and the DPHK Harley Clutch Sets. All come with that same DP friction-material performance.

DP Brakes pads and clutch kits are designed, manufactured, and built with quality and long lasting value. Take a look at our web site, www.dp-brakes.com, for fitments, coverage, and more.

-Larry Mills, President DP Brakes N.A.

DP helps you enjoy the snow!
DP is your answer to quality snowmobile pads. Check out our SDP SNX HH+ High Friction sintered metal snowmobile pads. The new high tech ceramic heat shield eliminates brake fad. Quick break in gives maximum braking performance after just ten miles. They deliver excellent durability under all conditions. And the dust free performance virtually eliminates noise or squeal. For More details go to www.dp-brakes.com .

DP offers brake pads deliver what Harley owners want.
DP Brake pads designed specifically for Harley-Davidson are an easy way to repair, replacement or upgrade performance.

DP's Harley-Davidson's brake pads are compounded specifically for Harley-Davidsons. And, with direct drop-in replacements offered for virtually every Harley on the road, including Brembo-specific pads for the newer Harleys, and with direct-fit pads for all the popular aftermarket calipers, those PMs and HHIs, the Jaybrakes, Pro Ones, and all the rest, make switching to DP is an easy step up.

DP covers the entire HD field.There are direct-fit drop in DP pads for all the popular after market calipers, too, and DP Brake Pads are even OE with Performance Machine.

DP Brakes offers three brake pad compounds, with improved stopping power and quiet, fade free performance, for the bicycle market.

- XC Pro Sintered for cross country and trail riding

- DH Pro Sintered for downhill

- XC Eco Organic for cross country and trail riding

Interesting odds and ends!

-DP remains #1 in GNCC ATV Series. Having Top 15 Pros on DP. Final results next month.

-DP is the aftermarket supplier to Can Am UTV/Side By Sides.

-DP is the supplier to HD Rental Company Eagle Rider.

-DP is the OEM supplier to Performance Machine and Hawg Halter Caliper's'

-DP is becoming the supplier for brakes and clutches for police departments worldwide..

-Largest Growth in the Cruiser/V-Twin Market where DP has such an upgrade over the completion. No brake dust..No Brake squeal. Easy on rotor wear. Longer life.