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We Survived! 2015 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally

July 3, 2015

What happens when you take a dedicated team of volunteers, task them with facilitating a one of a kind scooter rally, welcome a motley crew of about 75 willing participants, and send them on some of the best roads in Ontario for a wild and crazy 24 hour adventure on two wheels?

You get the most successful Mad Bastard Scooter Rally EVER - and it's all thanks to every single one of our volunteers, participants, sponsors, supporters and hosts!

Here's what you missed, if you missed it:

The 2015 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally brought riders to Guelph, Ontario as their Headquarters for their weekend of madness. With an almost even mix of new bastards vs. old, the inaugural tailgate style party was the perfect atmosphere for hanging out, scoping out the competition, final costume details, and last minute fixes to scooters. It was a spectacle, to say the least. From American Minions and Ferries, to local Animals, Knights & Maidens, and Crash Test Dummies - anyone walking by the Delta Guelph Hotel & Conference Centre got an eye full, to say the least!

Late Friday night the top secret route for the 2015 rally was revealed to participants. It was challenging, but hey, this is the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally we're talking about! A 639km route heavy in complex navigation, taking riders through both rural and urban landscapes, up and down the escarpment, a trek for even the most experienced of Bastards - and so much fun!

Riders left Guelph in the early and dark hours of Saturday morning making their way through the urban jungle of Hamilton before they encountered the Niagara Region. They continued to follow the lake as they headed toward Ontario's SouthWest, with stops in Port Dover as well as Turkey Point (the farthest point in the rally). The route back home would take them through scenic Caledonia, up through Brantford and back into Guelph, but not before routing them to a roadside clue and mandatory gas stop in the Tri-City area.

How did everyone do? Here are the stats if you're interested:

Of 75 riders registered for the rally:

- 6 DNS (Did Not Start)
- 7 DNF (Did Not Finish)
- 31 DNQ (Did Not Qualify to win)
- 4 attempted the bonus route

Of those 75 riders, these were deemed the Maddest Bastards:

Day Release Class (201cc +):
Rider #069 - John S.

Therapy Required Class (111cc - 200cc):
Rider #043 - Richard D.

Heavily Medicated (51cc - 110cc):
Rider #035 - Kevin B.

2 UP too Crazy (rider + passenger):
Rider #050 - William & Shawna V.

Team Prize:
Intergalactic Psychopathics
Rider #001 - Todd M.
Rider #009 - Jim L.
Rider #010 - Jorge R.

In the end, the winner was crowned.

Rider #001 - Todd M.
for being the Maddest Bastard of 2015
earning the title for the 2nd rally in a row.


Thanks to the fundraising efforts of our participants, the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally was able to raise over $16,000 for our local charity Big Brothers Big Sister of Guelph. A special thank you to Michael Treadgold of BBBS and the Big & Little who attended our Tailgate Party & Rider Meeting on Friday.

Enjoy the Photos!
But please be patient, we're still uploading!

Tailgate Party - MBSR15
Friday Rider's Meeting - MBSR15
On the Road - MBSR15
Sunday Awards Brunch - MBSR15