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The KTM Thor Racing Team expends both championship leads

July 13, 2016

The KTM Thor Racing Team expends both championship leads

Courtland (Ontario) – On the most demanding track of the season, The KTM Thor Racing Team was once again able to stand out and grab valuable championship points in MX1 & MX2. Davi Millsaps and Kaven Benoit showed great speed in the deep sand, while Cole Thompson charged hard to finish 1-1 and catch another overall win in the lites class.

MX2 rider Cole Thompson started the day by setting a good qualifying time and headed to the gate with confidence. Unfortunatly Thompson got caught up with other riders on the start, immediately setting him back to 34th place. Cole made an amazing comeback by putting his head down and picking off riders one by one. At the end of the moto, Cole had truly earned his spot on the highest step of the podium. In the second moto Cole spent the race battling in the top three before taking control of the lead position on the last lap. Cole finished the day with a perfect score of 1-1. “I was pretty nervous in the morning because I haven’t had the best luck with Gopher Dunes in the past. I worked really hard and it felt great to win in front of all those people that have been supporting me for years”

Davi Millsaps got off to a good start in the first MX1 moto of the day. Within a couple of laps he found himself leading the pack and pulling away. A few small mistakes put Davi back to 3rd place where he finished in moto 1. In the second race of the day, Millsaps didn’t get the start he had wished for and had to play catch up. He eventually finished in a well deserved 2nd place which gave him his 10th podium finish in a row. Despite everything, Millsaps still made a top 3 overall and kept the championship lead by 35 points. “I knew it would be the toughest weekend of the year for me as I can’t remember the last time I raced in such a sandy track. I’m happy to leave the Dunes with 2 more podiums and I’m looking forward to the next eastern tracks.”

Also in the MX1 class, Kaven Benoit showed everyone how comfortable he is in the deep sand and impressed the crowd in both races. Kaven almost got the Holeshot in the first moto of the day and quickly made the pass for 1st place. Unfortunately, a mid-race crash set him back to 5th place where he would stay until he got the checkered flag. Kaven got another good start in moto 2 and set the fastest lap time of the race. Benoit finished in 4th giving him an overall position of 5th place. “It’s a learning year for me and as much as I hate making mistakes, each time I do I learn from it. I’m improving every weekend and riding in front of the pack the last two races has given me a big confidence boost.”

With all eyes set on the MX1 and MX2 Championships, the KTM Thor Racing Team will travel to Ulverton,QC for the 6th round of the CMRC Motocross National Series.

MX1 Results:
1.Matt Goerke 1-3
2.Brett Metcalfe 4-1
3.Davi Millsaps 3-2 – KTM
4.Colton Facciotti 2-6
5.Kaven Benoit 5-4 – KTM

MX1 Championship:
1.Davi Millsaps 274 – KTM
2.Mike Alessi 239
3.Matt Goerke 237
4.Colton Facciotti 235
4.Brett Metcalfe 235

MX2 Results:
1.Cole Thompson 1-1 – KTM
2.Dylan Wright 3-3
3.Dakota Alix 2-4 – KTM
4.Shawn Maffenbeier 5-2 – KTM
5.Mark Worth 4-5

MX2 Championship:
1.Cole Thompson 290 – KTM
2.Shawn Maffenbeier 225 – KTM
3.Brad Nauditt 190
4.Dylan Wright 187
5.Mark Worth 177

KTM Canada, Inc. would like to thank Thor & Parts Canada for their support, as well as all our other team sponsors.