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Motorcycle stunt supremo Chris Pfeiffer stars in latest Akrapovič video

September 19, 2013

Motorcycle stunt supremo Chris Pfeiffer
stars in latest Akrapovič video: ‘In Search of…’

Akrapovič is arguably the most influential and innovative replacement performance exhaust manufacturer for motorcycles, automobiles and motorsport vehicles. The name Akrapovič and its products are very rarely away from public gaze and podiums around the world. But even though there is much fame and glory linked to Akrapovič, many of its customers and supporters have not had the chance to see Akrapovič first hand…

Chris Pfeiffer is a four-time Stunt Riding world champion. His stunt riding displays are legendary. Show this BMW Motorsport Red Bull rider a section of tarmac and he and his BMW Motorrad F 800 R will make the most of available space to perform stoppies, wheelies, rear wheel steering and other stunts that defy all laws of physics. Strangely though, despite years of Akrapovič product support – with exhaust systems manufactured from the same titanium, carbon fibre and technology that can be purchased from any Akrapovič agent – Chris Pfeiffer has never been deep under the skin of Akrapovič to witness first hand the dedication and skill of the people behind this remarkable company, and the processes required to make Akrapovič exhaust systems.

During a recent trip to Slovenia, Chris Pfeiffer visited the Ivančna Gorica-based Akrapovič factory in search of the men, ladies and technology behind Akrapovič – while riding his beloved BMW F 800 R stunt bike!

Starting from the car park, Pfeiffer stunted his way across rooftops, through welding bays, past car and motorcycle dynamometer workshops, and sophisticated production machinery. He also came across one of the Akrapovič laboratories, much to the surprise of the normally quiet working staff.

Chris Pfeiffer’s day of discovery was complete when he and his bike hitched a ride in a lift to meet Igor Akrapovič – the man who founded Akrapovič.

“It was really cool to ride my stunt bike through the Akrapovič factory,” said Pfeiffer. “I guess a few rubber marks were left there but that’s my signature. Akrapovič products are the best and you really understand why when you get to know the people behind Akrapovič. To these people it is more than a product – it’s a passion.”

Chris Pfeiffer’s search of discovery was captured on video and can now be seen by Akrapovič and Pfeiffer fans everywhere. The stunning Akrapovič video ‘In search Of…’ is now available to view on YouTube at: http://goo.gl/je0lZH. Watch, enjoy and share.

Founded in Slovenia 23 years ago, by former motorcycle racer Igor Akrapovič, the brand has grown to international prominence through the successful support of leading racing teams.
To date, 83 world champions have achieved their success with Akrapovič exhaust systems. The company operates from state-of-the-art factories in Slovenia, employing 500 staff and distributing its products in more than 60 countries.

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